Tuesday, 3 July 2012

30 Days of Creativity - round-up

So, after a month of creativity, what have I learnt?

To answer that question, I popped back to my initial post about the challenge.

The 30DoC website used this statement: "Your brain is like a muscle. When you exercise it, it gets stronger." 

I have found this to be true in some unexpected ways. By pushing myself to create something new each day, I have been inundated with new ideas at other times. Although thinking up the task itself was sometimes very challenging, I have had several ideas for a range of Christmas items. When I turned my attention to menu planning for the month, I found that combinations and meal ideas came more easily than normal. With my focus on ways to save money this month, I compiled a huge list of things that we could try. 

This month has reminded me that, although craft is creative, creativity is not synonymous with craft. Creativity is a way of thinking that leads to new ideas in any area. Creativity adds flair and individuality to arts and crafts; it inspires business choices; it helps us play our sports better. It allows us to plan, problem solve and think outside the box. And the best thing? It can be applied to any task: no matter how small.

On a personal note, I have tried a few things this month that I've been meaning to attempt for ages. The hemp bracelets and the time spent experimenting with Paint.net were well worth the time spent on the process. 

I have also found that I enjoy the creative process. Making something for the second time is never quite the same, even with improvements and the chance of a more 'perfect' product. 

I have learned that I struggle to deal with mistakes and need to work on that. 

I have been reminded that creativity takes time and must be allowed time. It can't be rushed, forced or directed. If you think "I don't have time" then you will be proved right. Yet when you allow yourself to become totally absorbed in the process, time seems to stretch to suit the task.

And what about the impact on the stash? 


I think that is best described as minimal...

It would seem that my creativity prefers fresh sheets of felt, empty notebooks and clean pieces of paper...

I haven't touched the beads, fat quarters, 1in strips, ribbons, sequins or buttons. I have used up perhaps a fifth of the wax I have saved from dead candles. And the box of felt scraps is almost as full as ever. They will be there for when inspiration next strikes.

I will be keeping up with the creativity - not every day perhaps but I think it is something that I would like to develop further. I'll keep you posted...

If you would like to see what other people have been working on, visit the Createstuff Pinterest pages.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

30 Days of Creativity - Days 27 to 30

July is here and my month of creativity is over! Not that I will stop being creative, of course!

We have been tidying this week and, after all the paperwork sorting, have "created" a bin bag full of shredded paper and several carrier bags full of junk mail waiting for the next recycling collection. 

I was going to ask if anyone had any bright ideas for using up this pile of 'rubbish' but decided that I don't need another hobby just yet! 

Maybe we should just get a hamster...

Anyway, here's a round up for the last few days.

Day 27 - I made a mixed pair of Liberty fabric covered hairclips for a returning customer with the fabrics she chose...

...they seem to have gone down well.

Day 28 - On Thursday, I had another dip into the box of felt scraps and made some felt hairclips in a different style.

Day 29 - On Friday, I got a delivery of new bits and pieces including some mobile tops.

So I decided to make a few sketches of ideas for using them. 

Will have to get on with making a few of them now!

Day 30 - I decided it was time to do something with an ice-cream-tub-ful of candle leftovers that have been driving my other half nuts for months! I just can't bear to throw away the remains of candles, especially when it seems that more than half of the wax is left once the wick has burned through the middle.

So this week I finally bought some wicks ready to make new candles. 

I spent a happy few hours melting some of the candle pieces and pouring the wax into some empty candle holders. The resulting candles are not very beautiful (the inevitable result of mixing wax of different colours!) but I am quite happy with them.

Next time I will try and keep the colours seperate. I have a large bag of yellow wax and lots of blue still to use, so the resulting candles should be a little more attractive.

This has turned into quite a long post! I shall leave what I have learned from my week of creativity for another post.

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