Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sunshine on St. David's Day

I thought about doing a February round-up (as I did in January) but I changed my mind. February has been, for me, a somewhat mixed month. I had a lovely week in Wales with my family and that deserves a post to itself at some point! I have been busy with various craft/selling related tasks but some are not ready to be unveiled, some are to be a surprise and some... well... lets say they haven't made it far enough to be worthy of note!

So on this gloriously sunny St David's Day, I have decided to look forward rather than back. This morning, feeling a little "out of spirits", I took advantage of a spare hour and went for a walk. I remembered to take my camera with me for once and have tried to capture some of the signs that spring is arriving.

The only daffodils flowering so far

Narcissus by a sunny wall

The river Frome

Unfortunately, my camera did not have the capacity to capture the grey wagtail on the river, the lapwings in the field nor the myriad small birds that flitted in and out of the hedgerows. Nor could it capture their song: the cacophony of the jackdaws as they chased each other between the rooftops; the cry of the wheeling buzzard; all the pips and whistles of unknown origin.

But there is difinitely something in the air. The high street, busy as always, seems to have more energy in the sunshine. 

People smile more. They sit on the benches to eat their lunch. 

The shop windows reflect the mood. There is an air of optimism everywhere.


My little bit of spring sits on the front windowsill and makes me smile as I sit typing.

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