Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Not-Quite-Fifty Shades of Grey

Looking out of the window this morning, the world looks a bit grey. The weather, although dry, is decidedly cloudy and the Christmas decorations have gone from the streets and house windows.

So in an effort to brighten my day a little, I have been looking at the good side of the colour grey.

I have reminded myself that grey can be cosy, stylish, smart and cute. And it goes very well with other colours, of course!

Here are some of my favourite grey items on Wow Thank You today...

(Click on the pictures for more information on each item)

Kozmic Dreams

A & V Designs

Bee Designs

Leanne Woods Designs

Minty Club

Kerri Robberts Designs

Clarice Caine

lottie nottie

green grass

Court & Spark

Random Button

What does the colour grey mean to you?


  1. Thanks for including one of my cushions!

  2. Hmmmm - it could mean I need to buy some more hair dye! I think I saw enough grey skies in 2012 to last a long time - but I'm optimistic that there will be an improvement in 2013! New year - new hopes and dreams!

  3. Lovely picks! Thanks so much for including me :)

  4. Thanks so much for including my hat!


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