Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Inspiration from Westonbirt

We visited the Arboretum at Westonbirt on Sunday. We are lucky to be only 10 minutes drive from this lovely Forestry Commission site so we can decide to take advantage of good weather and visit at short notice. We had decided to visit the old arboretum side of the site and on the way we were asked if we'd like to join the tour that was about to leave. We joined the tour and headed off into the old arboretum.

At first, as we listened to Ruth telling us about the plants, the history of the arboretum and the dangers of plant hunting, my eye was drawn by the floral evidence of spring. (Click on the photos for a larger image)

 But as my thinking brain was engaged by the information I was hearing, I found myself increasingly drawn to interesting shapes and textures that I might not have noticed...

 ... and to really see that the leaf buds were as colourful, bright and filled with potential as the flowers.



Does that ever happen to you? When your brain is occupied by a task, do you notice unusual things or find ideas popping up?

All in all, a lovely afternoon discovering some of the many hidden gems that Westonbirt has to offer. I hope I didn't annoy the group too much by hanging back to take photos!

Here's a photo taken by the other half when he got a turn with the camera.

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