Friday, 2 August 2013

A 'completed' doodle

Yesterday I posted my battle with perfectionism in my quest to start a creativity journal. Today I have finished my doodled cover. Well, as finished as a doodle ever gets I suppose! There isn't very much space left to fill anyway...

I have filled in the background with the doodles from around the word 'journal'. I think it looks a bit like the beach with all the dots, spirals, stars and circles!

I had great fun and I am so pleased that the journal is finally under way. I'm sure I will keep adding to this page and, of course, I need to find that photo. Hopefully the next page will be much easier to start!

I hope you enjoyed visiting The Old Button yesterday! Today's stop on the blog tour is at Loopy's Place. Jane Galley has included a tutorial for a lovely bag and a chance to win a prize. Click on the link below to be taken to this blog stop.

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