Sunday, 22 January 2012

TAST Challenge week 3 - Feather stitch

When I realised that this week would give me another opportunity to practise Feather stitch, I was excited that I'd be able to be a bit more creative with it. Unfortunately, this week has afforded me even less time to sew somehow so I have only had time to complete the week 3 sample...

... and a very simple stitch picture...


As you can see, I have made it into a miniature pillow. The fish scales are feather stitches with details added in backstitch. The seaweed is in irregular feather stitch. 


I have added a length of ribbon, around the edge of the pillow, held down by closed feather stitch. I rather like the effect of this (although it's hard to keep neat) and it hides the seams nicely. I intend to add some essential oil to make a perfume sachet for the wardrobe.

This small stitch picture has taught me something about myself. Although happy to create pictures built up from geometric patterns, I am far less comfortable creating free-form pictures. That is why this picture is so simple. I really struggled to allow the picture to develop naturally: I felt strangely out of control. So I think that I shall make more time to create stitch pictures in an effort to allow myself relax into the process.

There are some lovely interpretations of this stitch. Connie has used a beautiful combination of colours on her fabric postcard. Isabelle has created a stitch picture that is simultaneously natural and regular. I also love the delicate beauty of Chris' mandala.


  1. Thanks alot for your comments.Your interpretation of this stitch is very cute, especially your miniature pillow which is lovely.

  2. I love your miniature pillow and thanks for sharing your use of the feather stitch on the edge.

  3. Love your little fishie pillow.. so creative.

  4. Love the colours of your sampler, and the fish - cute!


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