Thursday, 21 July 2011


 Welcome to the first post of my blog "Silent Companions".

Why Silent Companions? Everyone knows the value of those companions who are always there, always ready to listen, who never judge and who stay with you through good times and bad. Sometimes we are lucky and have just such a friend on hand, sometimes we turn to pets and sometimes the best companion is a teddy bear. I have had several such bears: soft, warm, cuddly and reliable. So my blog and website names pay tribute to these magnificent creations.

Now I make my own teddies in all shapes, sizes and colours. All my creations are showcased on my website but I would like this blog to share more than just the completed bears. I want to share my inspiration, ideas and everything else that influences me and my bears, as well as the stories behind my creations.

 So hopefully I will be able to live up to my goal and post regularly. I also hope that, as you follow my journey, you will be more than a 'silent' companion and add your thoughts and comments!

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