Thursday, 24 November 2011

Craft fair preparation

As was perhaps to be expected, I have spent most of this week avoiding craft fair preparation. While I should have been making labels, price tags and checking that I have everything I need for Saturday, I have been largely preoccupied with another elephant. I was meant to be making the prototype of an elephant kit for sale - well I did make one and it turned out well (I think anyway).

Every stage of his construction was photographed carefully and the instructions were written. All would have been well if it hadn't been for the blanket.


And it wasn't really the blanket's fault. The problem was that I had to look up stitch ideas. This led me to Sharon B's Pintangle - a very dangerous blog to find at such a time. Suffice it to say that I would like to participate in TAST to expand my stitching skills and this site should bear some responsibility for the elephant that has been engaging my attention this week.


Inspired by the fabulously decorated elephants at the elephant festivals in India, this white felt creature is now quite heavily embroidered with flowers. 


I have got characteristically caught up in the detail and have, almost completely, failed to get anything useful done. 

Oh well, it is finished now and I have blogged about it. Hopefully it is now out of my system, so I may be able to get back to more pressing tasks. And maybe I'll get the kits ready for sale. We'll see...


  1. Absolutely LOVE the new elephant! Time well spent I say. :o)

  2. Phew! Thanks - I can stop feeling guilty now then! :)

  3. Wow! They are gorgeous :)


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