Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Meet the bears... Harry

This is a photo of Harry. He is one of my larger bear creations (at 12in tall he's a giant in comparison with my other bears).

I can't take all the credit for Harry as he is made from a pattern by the wonderful Ted Menten. This American bear designer's distinctive muzzle design is unmistakable even when given a "Silent Companions" nose. I love the sculptural quality of Ted's teds: the unique personality of each bear expressed vividly through expression and clothing.

Harry was a lovely bear to make once I'd found the perfect fabric: a tipped 8mm mohair in a warm brown. He has taken on a lovely expression. He reminds me of a toddler who has done something wrong; the turned in toes, slightly tilted head and rather worried expression all add to this impression. He needed some sort of clothing so, as I was experimenting with crochet at the time, a hat and scarf seemed a good start. 

They seem to suit him so now he permanently looks like he's going out to play in the snow...

I love the original "Teddy Bear Studio" book (sadly now out of print, as far as I can see) and it has taught me a great deal about bear making. So a huge thank you to Ted Menten for all the inspiration!


  1. Hi, I came to visit from Pintangle/tast challenge. I love your little bears. I admire your work so much as I don't do well with tiny projects. Yours are too cute. Love em.

  2. Thanks Carol, that's lovely to hear! Miniatures are my "thing" - it tends to be full-sized stuff I struggle with!


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