Sunday, 8 January 2012

Oh, for the love of... boxes!

One week into January and I have been working hard on getting organised. I spent the early part of the week organising paperwork - not one of my favourite pastimes (which is, I suppose, why it gets left for so long) - and have therefore amassed a small mountain of shredded paper. 

A slightly more interesting task has entertained me since. I have been trying to organise my craft stash. Or perhaps that should be "reorganise"? Anyway, it has involved spending money; it has involved the purchase of some rather nice boxes.

Somehow attractive boxes make tidying more bearable, just like pretty stationery encourages me to write. 

So with six new boxes to fill it was time for a bit of a play. Organising my craft supplies is a bit like completing a puzzle when the pieces from five jigsaws are all jumbled up together. There are always pieces that don't seem to fit anywhere, there are far too many possible combinations and the process tends to make more mess than it clears! 

However, some progress has at last been made: ...

 ... there are labelled boxes for felt, fabric, paper and card...

 ... three containers of beads...

... and a box of glue. 

I also have a box of items ready for sale, a box of linen fabrics and a box of boxes (that sounds odd: they are small presentation boxes for the bears). 

This process has taught me a few things:
1) I would love everything to have a place 
2) Number 1. is going to be a very difficult undertaking 
3) I am going to need more pretty boxes 
4) I do NOT need more glue!

I am pleased to be making progress, however small the steps, and now need to decide where to go next in order to maintain the momentum...

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