Thursday, 5 January 2012

TAST Challenge week 1 - Fly stitch

Before Christmas I signed up for Sharon B's Take a Stitch Challenge. Every Tuesday throughout 2012 she will post a different stitch to be tried. Participants then experiment with the stitch and post their work on blogs, Flickr or StitchinFingers. The first stitch is Fly stitch and here is my work so far:

I originally cut a piece of linen 12.8 x 8.4cm (5 x 3.25in) which I fully intended to fill with practice flies...

... but as you can see I only managed to fill a quarter of the sheet! 

In that space I managed to work all of these variations:

Fly stitch

Reversed Fly stitch

Fly stitch snowflake

Closed Fly stitch feather

I do have a tendency to work small!

I am hoping to do a larger, more decorative project using fly stitch over the weekend. I think I will continue to do only small samples of each new stitch on the linen (unless the stitch requires more space, of course) and compile the sheets in a book of some kind. 

If you want to see how other people have used the fly stitch this week visit my favourites so far: La Bastidane and Adventures in Thread
Edited 08/01/12 to add Magpies Laundry


  1. You are very good in finding varations!

  2. That's nice. I like your fabric, too :)

  3. You did a great job and I love all your colors.

  4. This sounds like fun. When I am back from my holidays, I will have to have a go

  5. Thanks so much for the mention Kirsty. You did a great job with all those stitch variations. Nice to be TASTing with you!

  6. Thank you for all the comments! And Jules, you are very welcome! I wanted to give a small selection for the people who read my blog who wouldn't trawl through all the comments on Sharon's blog!


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