Tuesday, 29 May 2012

30 Days of Creativity

I have decided to take part in 30 Days of Creativity 2012. The name sums it up really! As their website says:

"30 Days of Creativity is a global social initiative encouraging people to create stuff (anything) every day for 30 days in June. 2012 is our 3rd year. We hope to make it a big one.

Your brain is like a muscle. When you exercise it, it gets stronger."

And why, you may be asking, have I decided to take part?

Well, as usual, there are several reasons. 

There's the Arty reason: I'd like to spend time developing new ideas and working with new mediums in order to expand my skills beyond my current range. 

(That sounds good, doesn't it? I think I'll use that - if anyone asks!)

Then there's plain old fun. I'll get to play with new materials and let my ideas run wild. I'll get to see what others have created.

It will be a challenge. I think it will be interesting to see if I can complete the challenge, if I can think of something new to create every day, if I can push myself beyond my comfort zone, if I can allow myself to make mistakes and if I can actually get stuff finished!

It will be good for networking: I'll get to see the work of artists and crafts-people from around the world who are all working on the same challenge. 

There's one more reason. And I'm a little bit reluctant to admit it. My other reason is this:

This enticing heap of goodies represents a proportion of my "stash" of crafting bits and pieces. Quite a small proportion I'm afraid to say. 

In this pile you have probably spotted beads, buttons and sequins,...

...fat quarters, 1in strips and selvedges,...

 ...embroidery cottons, ribbons,...

...and a box of felt scraps.

The felt scraps sum up the whole pile really. In my push towards organisation, I was encouraged by my other half to put a note in this box. The note said "If these haven't been used by the 5th May - THROW THEM AWAY".

Now obviously, as the box is on the table, I haven't managed to keep that deadline (probably shouldn't have reminded the OH of the date...) In fact the box is more full now than it was when I wrote the note - I blame the felt bears (to be honest it's usually a bear's fault, one way or another...).

So my real reason for joining 30 Days of Creativity? To justify the existence of my stash. To give meaning to all the scraps and off-cuts and bits and pieces that I have held onto on the off-chance that they will come in useful one day.

This challenge has a lot riding on it. I'll keep you posted, and let you know how I get on. I'll be adding pictures of my creations to the 30DoC Pinterest board and I'll try to blog as often as I can. You can find out more at the website or by following or #30DoC on Twitter. You might even want to join in!

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