Friday, 1 June 2012

30 Days of Creativity - Day 1

June is here! How did that happen? I wasn't ready!

I thought I was ready but, now it's here, I find that I wasn't. I also wasn't prepared for how much else would try to get in the way today.

I am, therefore, easing myself gently into the challenge. Simple works today. Simple gives me the space to allow my jumbled brain some respite from to-do lists, "should-dos" and approaching deadlines. 

Inspiration came from a walk down the high street today. Our town, like the rest of the UK, is currently drowning in bunting (for the Queen's jubilee). It lines the streets and links the streetlights. It adorns railings and flutters from the guttering. It features in every shop window display. 

I thought our little house was missing out. So bunting became my first 30DoC project. But I have made miniature fabric bunting before and big bunting would require ladders (shudder!).

So I took a look at my stash and was drawn to paper. Some colourful patterned paper that came free in the latest copy of Craftseller magazine, to be precise.  I like freebies: useful freebies are by far the best kind. Team that with some crochet cotton (not free exactly but not a colour I'm likely to use) and I'm ready to go.

I cut the paper into strips and the strips into triangles

Then I glued the triangles along the strings. Easy peasy. 


Then it was all ready to hang up at the windows...

...(you can just see the bunting on the house opposite)...

...I think it looks quite good! 

Sometimes simple is best. Sometimes simple is just the best that can be expected! Tomorrow, I would like to be a little more adventurous... fingers crossed that nothing else gets in the way. 

The bunting does, however, make an excellent frame for my CraftFest poster!

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