Saturday, 21 April 2012

Adventures in felt

For some time, I have been thinking about making bears in different fabrics. This week, on Thursday to be precise, I suddenly decided that I would give it a go. And since I have a rather substantial felt hoard this seemed the ideal experimental fabric.

Here is the outcome of my experiment. 

He came out really well. Yes, I am surprised by that! It always takes me by surprise when things work out first time! 

I particularly like the visible seams (blanket stitch) as it reminds me of old, well-loved bears who are missing their fur!

This bear is not one of my smallest - he stands 10cm (4in) tall - but I didn't think the felt would let me make a teeny one! 

He is thread jointed and buttons secure the thread. His nose is hand embroidered and he has black glass boot-button-style eyes.

I think this little bear needs a scarf or possibly a bow. Then he will be ready for a name...

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  1. I love your tiny bears! I've added your blog to my home page.


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