Monday, 9 April 2012

Apologies for absence

Well, it's been a month since my last post and to be honest I have very little to report! For that, I feel the need to apologise.

I could blame the cold that led to the rather trying cough that's been hanging around for a ridiculously long time.

I could blame being rather busier than normal in my 'day job'.

Sadly, that would not be entirely truthful. The cold did knock me back more than I would have liked and I have been busy. But I must admit to it being something else.

I have to put it down to procrastination.

There. I've said it. "I have been procrastinating".

I am quite prone to it actually. I can usually find something I'd rather do: wasting time on the Internet; sorting out my fabric collection; looking through craft books for 'inspiration'.

But I know that I must be avoiding something pretty spectacular when suddenly I 'want' to clean out the fridge, defrost the freezer or sort out the drawers under the bed in the spare room.

These dizzying heights of procrastination are reserved for special occasions: essay writing, application forms, tax returns. And it seems I must lengthen this list and add 'listing items for sale on Folksy'.

Which I know is totally ridiculous. Unfortunately, knowing that something is ridiculous and doing something about it are very different things.

This week, I seem to have turned a corner. Perhaps it is the new month, who knows. I just hope I am over the worst of it, as I have finally made a start. A small start admittedly but a start nonetheless.

Normal service is now expected to resume. I'll let you know how I get on...

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