Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Meet the bears... Wedding Bears

I've been so busy with Folksy listings, procrastination and other things that I seem to have been neglecting to give the bears the attention they deserve!

So, it's more than time for another "Meet the bears" feature so here goes...

This time I'd like you to introduce you to The Wedding Bears.

They don't have names as they were made as a commemorative gift for my brother and his wife. It was meant to be a 1-year-anniversary gift but that didn't happen, for various reasons, so it became a Christmas present instead. 

The groom's ribbon tie is the colour of the cravats and waistcoats worn by the men at the wedding and the base is covered with material from one of the cravats!


The photo album is a Dateman Books album, personalised with pictures from the wedding day.

Oh, and I forgot to say that they are all miniatures. The bears are about 5cm tall and the album about 4cm. 

These are photos of the non-personalised album that first gave me the idea. The attention to detail is beautiful; there is even a piece of translucent interfacing paper between each photo page just like in a real album.

I was really pleased with the Dateman miniature album and with the overall composition of this piece. My brother and his wife were thrilled too and have a lovely personal souvenir of their big day.

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  1. It's lovely to see the wedding bears again and they bring back happy memories!


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