Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Creativity Challenge - Progress Report 3

We've all been very busy with our creativity projects and Mum's done 2 large fairs over the weekend too!

For all our hard work, I don't seem to have very much to show you this time: Heather and I seem to have been bogged down in preparation.

Heather has been attacking her huge pile of charity-shop-find wool jumpers (it's so hard to find 100% wool jumpers these days) and has turned them into a pile of wool squares...

...here with the lovely Milo to show the size of the pile. She makes quite a good guard-cat. 

Forty-two squares. Heather will be sewing them back together again when she returns from a week away. She's taken pens and pencils, plus the tools for papercutting, to keep her busy while she's gone.

I've been deconstructing too. I have cut up 3 shirts, 2 skirts, a pair of trousers and 3 blouses to turn them all into these...

... over a hundred strips 2.5" x 16". I have more to go but I have a suspicion I may decide I want more variety of fabrics. Perhaps a trip to the charity shop is called for... Although it would be nice to say that all the clothing used in this project had been worn by us... I wonder if the other half still wants all his shirts?

I'm sure Mum will have an update soon. Can't wait to see how all our projects turn out!

What have you made so far this month? I'd love to see your makes if you would like to comment below (please label your comment clearly so that I can tell it's not spam!).


Night all.

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