Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October Creativity Challenge

October is here. The nights are drawing in. The trees are starting to turn and shed their leaves. The weather has taken a decided shift towards damp and chilly. 

Autumn has arrived.

On dreary days, when the sky never changes from a gloomy grey, there is nothing better than hiding away inside. Especially if I can hide away with a steaming cup of tea, a good film and my latest craft project. 

Autumn and winter have always seemed to me the natural time to embark on craft projects. There is so little to tempt me outside and there's something cosy about snuggling up on the sofa under a piece of knitting. 

(...admittedly there is precious little comfort or warmth to be derived from the pieces of a miniature bear but that's beside the point...)

So as it is Autumn, and the start of a new month, I have decided that it must be time for a challenge. In an effort to give my blog (and my motivation) a much needed kick-start, I have decided that October is going to be a month of Creativity.

My aim for the month is to spend at least half an hour doing something creative. I would love to be able to do more than that but realise that there will be a few days during the month when I will struggle to fit in thirty minutes of creative activity.

So every day during October, I will endeavour to do something creative. I have a list of things that I would like to do during the month and I am sure it will grow as time goes on.

Having just moved to a new house, I am still trying to find all my craft supplies and get my head around having a separate room where they can all live. The "sewing room" so far boasts some shelving (piled with boxes)

 but no table as yet. So I shall probably be working mostly at the dining room table or snuggled on the sofa. Hopefully during the month I will also decide on the other furniture needed in the sewing room.

Ah but the boxes... The boxes contain a crafter's version of treasure. Fabrics and felt; buttons and beads; papers and pens. There are embroidery cottons, wools and crochet threads. There are countless bits and bobs, saved scraps and more. And we've just moved all of this "stuff". I feel the need to justify its existence. 

My mum and sister will be creating along with me this month. I will share Heather's progress with mine on this blog. Here's a photo of her starting list:

Mum (Lynne) will be blogging her own creations here so I'll share links and the occasional photo. Her first post is up already here.

So many ideas! Now, where shall I start...


  1. I loved ready your lists for this month, hope you enjoy your challenge, and I look forward to seeing the results


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