Monday, 4 June 2012

30 Days of Creativity - Day 4

Day 4 is here and almost gone. I have been out and about this lovely bank holiday Monday. 

The weather has been much better than  it was yesterday - but that wouldn't be hard! Everything looks green and fresh in the sunshine after the rain.

Today, I have been visiting my OH's family and wandering in their ever changing garden with camera in hand. 

There are some lovely flowers in bloom...

For my creativity challenge, I decided it was time for some experimentation with a photo editor. I have been using Paint.NET for a while (mainly to add watermarks to photos) but knew I had not even touched the surface of its capabilities. I have been promising to spend some time on this for ages but there have always been more pressing things to do!

Rose - radial blur
Periwinkle - Brightness/Contrast
Lupin - Hue/Saturation
Saxifrage - Emboss
Pink - Polar Inversion
Chive - Pencil Sketch

I'm not sure how I will make use of these techniques in the future but I have had fun and that's what 30DoC is all about, after all.

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