Tuesday, 26 June 2012

30 Days of Creativity - Days 18 to 26!

Eek! Where has the last week gone!?!

This isn't going to sound like a very impressive list for the past 8 days. I have to admit to not being quite as creative as I would have liked this week. I've been a bit all over the place, to be honest, and am only just managing to get myself back on track. 

I've been pretty busy, don't get me wrong. Unfortunately, I don't think I can count the hours spent putting together an order from a craft wholesaler (catalogues are dangerous things...). Nor can I count the time spent on paperwork/budget reorganising/filing. 

I took a visit to Woodstock, on Thursday last week, with my sister. Woodstock is an historic town in Oxfordshire, probably most famous for Blenheim Palace. We didn't go into the palace itself, just had lunch and a wander around the town (between showers). There was a huge amount of very attractive iron-work on display on houses and other buildings.


I love the symmetry and grace that has been given to this robust material. On Friday, I had a go at drawing some of these swirling patterns. I am trying to draw with confidence: drawing the lines in one movement rather than in sketchy, short lines. I don't find this easy. Although it is much easier when drawing geometric patterns. 

I'd like to have a go at stitching some of these patterns soon.

Later on Friday, an order came in for 2 personalised elephants so that dictated the direction of my creativity for the weekend! I finished them on Sunday night, ready to photographed and shipped on Monday morning. They are to be well done gifts for finishing exams. 

There is one more photo, which shows the embroidered names, but I'll leave that one off until I know they have been received - just in case it spoils the surprise!

I think that's about it for this week - unless I suddenly remember something I have forgotten to show you. Only another four days to go so I think it's time for a final push towards the finish line!


  1. Those elephants are seriously cute!

  2. Hello Kirsty....what a wonderful surprise to see all the ironwork. I'll be looking in to see what you do with your drawings. As always, your little animal projects are so adorable. I love the elephants, especially the all the details of your talents.

    1. I am still debating what to so with the ironwork patterns - so many ideas, so little time!

  3. Hello Kirsty, Meggie told me about your blog - and I am so glad she did. You are wonderfully creative; those little elephants are so cute. I shall look forward to doing some back reading when I have some more time.

    1. Thanks for visiting and following - I'll be popping over for a return visit later when I have a minute!


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